Three Seas Infologics (P) Ltd. is a mobile content provider, offering a diverse range of mobile applications. Mobile apps make running a business more favorable and it will be not wrong to say that business have hoisted not only their efficiency but also their profits with the ideal utilization of these apps. Beyond many other advantages of apps, staying in touch via phone to your clients, customers and competitors is one of the major aspects which have indulged business into these apps. And this is really good for the business because cost of linking with the clients or customers have been greatly diminished for them with increase in profits. If we talk about the personal use of these apps, definitely mobile apps have a great bang on an individual’s personal life as well. All the manual or analog tasks which were being done on paper and thick books since a long time are replaced with these handy apps right within a couple of years. And not only just replaced but also have made an individual more organized and scheduled. Daily to-do list, scientific calculators, BMI calculators and other unbelievable apps such as mind sensors, battery charging apps etc are the most extensively used apps by the individuals. We custom design and develop revolutionary branded mobile applications for clients across multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Tizen and Windows RT. Genres include but are not limited to utilities, productivity tools, infotainment and games.